Welcome To Benjamin C. Carr's Design Portfolio


Art Direction and Design for Shuck Creative, working on the redesign of Kamm & Sons

It is a new coat day at Kamm & Sons - that feeling of pride as you walk down the street turning heads and collecting envious looks from passers by. It has been a year in development but we are happy to announce our new ‘go faster’ bottle is now available.* Along with our spanking new finery we have shifted our focus into the burgeoning aperitif category. Nothing about the liquid has changed – Kamm & Sons is still hand-crafted in London by Kammerling family members and contains 45 botanicals (including ginseng, fresh grapefruit peels and manuka honey) but we feel that the new moniker ‘The British Aperitif’ suits it well and avoids the question, ‘What is it?!’

Shuck Creative worked with Kamm & Sons to relaunch this proudly hand crafted spirit into the 'British Aperitif' market with a bold new bottle and a careful reconsideration of the label elements.

Shuck Creative - www.shuckcreative.co.uk

Kamm & Sons - www.kammandsons.com

Art Direction, Branding, and Packaging Design for Blaum Bros Distilling Co. First release is the Vodka soon to be followed by their hand crafted Gin and Moonshine.

Better photographs to come soon.

Jack Daniels 'White Rabbit Saloon', inspired by the watering hole Mr Jack D himself owned in his hometown of Lynchberg. I worked on this label with Stranger & Stranger a London based design studio. I worked on the flourish details to fit in with Stranger & Stranger's design & typography of the label.
I was approached by the nice folk at Stranger and Stranger who I get the pleasure of working with regularly, to do three transformation cards for their Christmas gift this year - The Ultimate Deck! The brief was simple - illustrate three cards based on the card you get.